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MED-GEM in a nutshell

The MED-GEM Project, supporting Green Electrons and Molecules’ (GEM) development in the Southern Mediterranean Neighbourhood, is an initiative funded  by the European Union that aims to create and operate a sustainable and self-sustaining Network in the Southern Neighbourhood region. By convening dialogue and collaborative activities between key energy stakeholders, MED-GEM activities facilitate and promote the growth of the GEM industry, in particular Renewable & Green Hydrogen, at regional level. The Network also aims at increasing public awareness on the imperative need for an accelerated clean energy transition. The MED-GEM network is structured around four thematic working coordination groups (CG):

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Purpose of the Med-GEM Project

The MED-GEM Network, an EU-funded initiative, brings together experts and stakeholders in renewable energy and green hydrogen, catalyzing the green energy transition between the European Union and the Southern Mediterranean. Its components harmonize energy policies, facilitate investments, convene dialogue, bringing together industrial stakeholders from the energy efficiency, renewable energy, and GEMs sectors and infrastructure stakeholders in areas such as transportation, storage, and trade facilities, as well as raise awareness of favorable regulatory measures. From knowledge-sharing events to financial initiatives, MED-GEM supports a sustainable energy economy.

With its four working groups : Policy coordination group, industry advisory board (IAB), Infrastructure and Financial Support Coordination Groups, the network encourages collaborations and addresses crucial environmental challenges. Overall, it aims to create a Mediterranean Green Electrons & Molecules Network, fostering the GEM industry's regional growth and promoting a clean energy transition

This project is funded by the European Union. Contact us today to learn more!
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