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Unlocking the full potential of Green Electrons and Molecules (GEMs) in the Mediterranean, Component 2 of the MED-GEM Network's initiative focuses on the creation of an Industry Advisory Board (IAB). By seamlessly integrating activities outlined in this component, the IAB aims to bolster coordination between GEM industry (Renewable & Green Hydrogen) requirements, policies, and market development. Through strategic endeavors like regular consultations with policy and decision-makers, seminars led by industrial stakeholders, and business-focused analyses of investment challenges and opportunities, the IAB is poised to provide valuable insights and recommendations to the Policy Coordination Group. 

Mobilizing industry stakeholders, ensuring information-sharing, and fostering cooperation with the EU Clean H2 Alliance are integral aspects.

The IAB is committed to defining national plans for clean energy equipment manufacturing and implementing capacity-building programs, solidifying its role as a driving force in advancing GEMs in the Mediterranean region.

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