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The Infrastructure component number 4 within the MED-GEM Network activities is pivotal for ensuring the seamless development of Green Electrons and Molecules (GEMs) initiatives. The activities outlined for this component are designed to optimize coordination and collaboration in the region. Regular consultations of the Infrastructure Coordination Group serve as a foundational practice, fostering continuous communication. Seminars led by prominent infrastructure stakeholders in areas such as transportationstorage, and trade facilities are organized to gather valuable insights and recommendations.

Additionally, support is extended to the Infrastructure Coordination Group for the generation of business-focused analyses, identifying both bottlenecks and opportunities in existing, planned, and new infrastructure investments.

The mobilization of infrastructure stakeholders aims to create strategic partnerships, aligning efforts to achieve shared priorities. An emphasis on information-sharing and knowledge transfer across the Mediterranean ensures a well-informed and interconnected network. 

To further enhance capabilities, capacity-building programs, including training workshops and study tours, are developed and implemented.

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