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2nd MED-GEM Steering Committee

Insights from the 2nd MED-GEM Steering Committee Meeting

The recent 2nd Steering Committee Meeting of the MED-GEM project, held in Brussels on December 19, 2023, brought together key stakeholders to assess progress and set the course for future activities. The meeting covered various crucial aspects, from reviewing past consultation workshops to outlining the project's action plan until June 2024.

Key Objectives and Discussions

The meeting commenced with a thorough review of three consultation workshops held in Lebanon, Jordan and Morocco. The insights garnered from these workshops form the foundation for upcoming sessions, ensuring a continuous improvement process aligned with the evolving needs and relevance of the project.

An integral component of the meeting was the introduction of the Industry Advisory Board (IAB). Emphasizing the crucial role of industry perspectives, the presentation outlined the IAB's objectives as a guiding force, strategically steering the project towards its objectives. 

The ToRs for short-term missions and upcoming webinars were also presented, outlining the framework for future activities and engagements. The communication component of the project was spotlighted, underscoring strategies aimed at enhancing visibility and outreach. Effective communication emerged as a cornerstone for amplifying the project's impact and fostering meaningful engagement with stakeholders. 

A detailed action plan for the project's next phase until June 2024 was present and agreed, outlining key milestones and strategic directions and will be implemented in close coordination with partners and key stakeholders, ensuring synergies and avoiding duplication of efforts. This includes the remaining country consultation workshops and a regional event scheduled for June 2024.

An update was provided by the EU Commission and MED-GEM on significant developments since the last steering committee meeting in September. The establishment of the European Hydrogen Bank, receiving proposals for an 800-million-euro phase, and the progress of the German H2 Global initiative were highlighted. Other key developments, such as the fourth gas package (ReH2), were discussed in the context of the global commitment to triple renewable energy and shift away from fossil fuels, particularly through the use of green molecules like hydrogen.

In closing, emphasis was placed on the broader focus of the MED-GEM Network, not only on green molecules but also on the primary importance of green electrons, i.e., renewable energy. Initiatives like CBAM and certification schemes were identified as critical on a regional level. Encouraging local economic development took center stage, with a priority on discussions during the upcoming Industry Advisory Board meeting.

As the project progresses, the commitment to collaboration, innovation, and sustainability remains unwavering. 

Stay tuned for more updates as the journey towards a green future continues.